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          Address:  Dangtu County Maanshan Industrial Zone, Danyang Town, West Side 5

          General Manager: Zuchang Li
          Tel : 0086-555-6872598

          Mobile number: 0086-13805559416
          Fax : 0086-555-6873500

          E-mail:  25380941@qq.com
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          Wear-resistant ceramic trends

               North China Power Group 1999 annual exchange swap power plant components will be held here today, we join together, exchange experiences, I take this rare opportunity for us to discuss today's launch of wear-resistant ceramic high-tech products, which is non-metallic materials to a revolution. General Secretary Jiang Zemin in his report to the party's 15 states: "Science and technology are primary productive forces, science and technology is the decisive factor of economic development." Means that the development of technology products is the only way to liberate the productive forces.
          "Wear-resistant ceramic" is a major scientific and technological projects Ministry of Power on August 5, is aimed at the advanced high tech products. By the end of 1991. Bureau of the Department of Energy electrical machinery manufacturing factory issued a "wearable ceramic rubber liner" in the new product design, development tasks, and strive to solve the thermal power plant equipment wear this problem. After a year of hard work, we have completed the task. December 1992, passed the technical appraisal of new products, volume production in May 2093. The promotion of new products, applications, we have gone through a hard and tortuous journey.
          In 1993 autumn and winter, are we to market the first "wearable ceramic rubber lining" in the part of the power plant, steel mill running during installation revealed its limitations. How do? We believe that: the fundamental way to solve problems using scientific and technological means to continuously improve product performance, make every effort to meet user needs.
          We invite Fine Ceramics Laboratory of Tsinghua University and other units, established a factory director and chief technical officer Yang Changgui research team headed by Comrade technology, through equipment modification, ceramic raw materials formulations, rubber formulations, ceramic plate design, high temperature performance of adhesives installation methods, and product depth of six aspects of the development, has effectively improved the abrasion resistant ceramic liner, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, ceramic adhesive joint strength, anti-prevention effort strength five properties. Sharpen the "glue NMC-J-type", "direct stick NMC-Z-type", "impact NMC-K-type", "assembly NMC-P-type lining," "cement NMC-G-type", "heat Adhesive NMC-J-type "," cold-type adhesive NMC-J "and seven types of products.
          In November 1996 by the Ministry of Electric Power Machinery Bureau experts were identified and acceptance of new products. With these new products and technological advantages, with its wear-resistant ceramic vitality, broaden its survival, and development. In the power plant's coal handling, milling, ash handling system are resistant ceramic useless.
          Through more than six years of hard work, our company win the market and honor, Tsinghua University, several departments of our scientific research backed by strong technical force, our scientific research base in Tsinghua University Heyan Yuan, Tsinghua University, the experimental base on the In our factory, two bases in a total of four production lines, using the national-class electric kiln, annual production capacity of 50 thousand square meters, we have the spirit of "dedication to customer service" and set up factories in purpose, by the power system, metallurgy system care and support units, the same group in North China has also been strong support from the factory, wear-resistant ceramic products we can expand the open market, sales in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 200 units, most of which is plant.
          Our products are 97 brand-name products from China in October the work of the Commission as a "brand", 98, head of product development in the Comrade Yang Changgui was named "Golden Bridge Prize" (Ministry of Electric Power System of a total of two), 98 in January was Ministry of Electric Power Machinery Bureau as a "Technology Progress Award" 98 years "focused on power system to promote their products," National Science and Technology Commission 99 years in February as a "Technology Progress Award." This year's "Five • A" We won the national director of Comrade Yang Changgui 5 • 1 Labor Medal, the plant is a new look in the reform era.
          I sincerely invite you to visit our factory representatives have the opportunity to visit the guide, we will continue to pursue the "dedication to customer service," the purpose, to thermal power plant coal handling, milling equipment wear serious this problem, as we have been focusing on research and production direction, so that the flower of science and technology to bear abundant fruits.