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          Trade News
          Company News
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          Address:  Dangtu County Maanshan Industrial Zone, Danyang Town, West Side 5

          General Manager: Zuchang Li
          Tel : 0086-555-6872598

          Mobile number: 0086-13805559416
          Fax : 0086-555-6873500

          E-mail:  25380941@qq.com
          Zip Code:  243000



          Trade News
          · Who will wear the leadership of the industry? [2010-5-8]
          · Wear-resistant materials market has great potential to seize the market quickly is the key [2010-5-8]
          · Wear-resistant ceramic trends [2010-5-8]
          · Cement industry for wear-resistant material prosperity [2010-5-8]
          · Wear-resistant material is a monumental industry [2010-5-8]
          · New high-performance wear-resistant material production line put into operation soon in Tianjin [2010-5-8]
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